Home Groups

We have a variety of home groups at Sandylands Methodist Church to suit every age. Home groups are held in various different areas of Kendal at different times. If you would like to know more about a home group please contact one of our church leaders here.

Home Group 1
Venue: Wattsfield Road, Kendal
What we do: refreshments, pray together, Bible study, worship, open discussion
Alternate Tuesdays Evenings, 7.30pm

Home Group 2
Venue: Sandylands Church, Sandylands Road, Kendal
Contact: Jenny and Lance
What we do: worship, pray for each other, Bible study, discussion and sharing with a view todiscerning what God is saying
Alternate 1st and 3rd Monday Evenings, 7.30pm

Home Group 3
Venue: Various homes
Contact: Stephen Hitchcock
What we do: We do various bible studies e.g. E100 Scripture Union studies. Prayer and fellowship.
Alternate Mondays at 7.30pm

Soul Sisters
Venue: Various
Contact: Beth Dennis
What we do: refreshments, Bible study with particular reference to women living in today’s world,share concerns, supportive prayer
Alternate Afternoons, 1.15 – 3pm