Room Hire

Cornerstone has been open since December 2011, and proves to be a valuable asset to the Sandylands and Kendal communities.

Our building is warm and inviting with various different sizes of rooms available. Please do enquire to us if you would like more information. Parking can be limited on Sandgate, however, Kendal Cricket Club and the local pub do have car parks, which charge a nominal fee.


including use of kitchen, but NOT cooking meals

Room Space Seating Capacity Business Hire Charge Charity/Community Hire Charge
Sanctuary 150 £31 per hour /
£186 per day
£25 per hour /
£150 per day
Sandgate Hall 100 £25 per hour /
£150 per day
£20 per hour /
£120 per day
The Zone 20 £20 per hour /
£120 per day
£16 per hour /
£96 per day
The Lounge 20 £20 per hour /
£120 per day
£16 per hour /
£96 per day
Sandridge Rooms 12 (2×6) £15 per hour /
£95 per day
£12 per hour /
£72 per day
Whole Church 200 £70 per hour /
£420 per day
£55 per hour /
£330 per day
Kitchen 5 £25 £20
  • One-off bookings payment must be within 10 days of the invoice being issued.

  •  Long-term bookings receive a 10% discount. Are invoiced as agreed in the licence and must be paid within a month of the invoice being issued.

  •  Church members will be charged half the charity rate/hr for private functions eg. party

  • Children’s Birthday Party £50 (4 hours use of Sandgate Hall for a 2 hour party).

  • Wedding Service broken down to £125 for the building, £206 minister, £70 for a pianist, £35 Steward, £35 Audio Visual operator. An active congregation member will not be charged. Any other room requirements will be charged at the community rate. It
    will not be invoiced, the minister will collect the charges at a preparation meeting.

  • Funerals Minimum of £426 where there is a funeral package. Broken down to £100 for the building, £206 minister, £50 for a pianist, £35 Steward, £35 Audio Visual operator. Any other room requirements will be charged at the community rate. Not invoiced – the
    minister will liaise with the undertaker regarding fees and will keep the treasurer informed.

  • Church members/congregation are not charged building and minister fees, if no funeral package in place. No charge is made for funerals of those aged 16 and under.

  •  Baptisms (Christenings) – no charge as it is a sacrament and it will be carried out during the Sunday morning service.

  • Christian fund-raising events will not be charged.


    We ask ALL USERS to be as ENERGY EFFICIENT as possible:
    Can you turn the thermostat down?

  • Do you really need to turn the lights on? IF SO, do you really need them all on?

  • Could you use a smaller room for your activity?


    Regular Church User Groups
    In line with the church’s charitable status, an account summary must be submitted to the church treasurer annually. This summary will be submitted at the start of July and must include: income, expenditure and balance in order that this can be included in the churches annual financial report. A discretionary donation towards the running
    of the church should also be made with this submission, where possible.
    Groups who do not submit annual accounts must ensure all financial transactions relating to that group are conduct via the treasurer.
    In line with the aim of this document, groups must review their own attendance charges on an annual basis.
    We ask all groups to consider having an annual low key fundraising event where the proceeds are given to the church or split between the group and the church.

  • The Totters/Bumps & Babies table top sale will donate 30%** of the takings to the church. **Review after next event Sept 2022
    When organising charity coffee mornings etc. we ask for a donation to the church to help cover the energy and cleaning costs for hosting the event.
    Methodist events non-chargeable:
    1. District/ circuit events/meetings
    2. Local Preacher meetings/ trainings
    3. Circuit safeguarding training
    4. Circuit Away Day
    Non church groups EXEMPT from charging:
    1. School Harvest/Christmas services etc.
    2. School “religious education” visits
    3. Christian aid meetings
    4. Winter Shelter (Nov to March) weekly
    We ask ALL church/congregation members to:
    To review your own giving on a regular basis. To help inform this process, please note the monthly church running cost is approximately £3500/month (Dec 2021).
    Ensure, where appropriate, you have registered for Gift Aid with Paul Atherton. Gift aid can be claimed on cash donations, cheques and standing orders. Please note, it is simplest to administer gift aid via a standing order.

    in order to help minimise our charge


ALL enquiries to our church booking secretary by email: or
mobile: 07540 394853 (text anytime, call during working hours only).
Please note that the bookings are managed by volunteers and we will endeavour to respond to all queries within 3 working days.


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